BABY GENDER REVEAL! ♥ Pregnancy Vlog #2 Second Trimester

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Baby #2 GENDER REVEAL! Is Twinkie a boy or girl? Watch the video to find out and try not to look at the comments first! Thumbs up if you like these vlogs! ♥ Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more pregnancy and mommy videos: ♥ For baby bump updates, follow me on Instagram: @Neebebe & FB:
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♥ Cuddle and Kind Hand-knit dolls:
We were more than happy to team up with Cuddle and Kind and share their mission in this video. For every doll purchased, 10 meals are provided to children in need across the globe. This company has provided over 4.7 million meals to date!

*I hope you guys enjoyed this cute gender reveal with my sweet Logan! Credit goes to my instagram followers who suggested the cupcake idea that I did with my family during our Thanksgiving dinner and also the baby onesie in a gift box idea! We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our cute little baby Twinkie! Thank you everyone who has been supporting me on this channel and on my other social media platforms. I’m so happy to share this next journey with you and have Twinkie on my channel. Teehee Don’t forget to share some name suggestions in the comments below. I’ll keep you updated with another pregnancy vlog soon as I still have so much to share with you. xo

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ilovecake 28 says:

The first time I watched ur vids was back 2014. Can’t believe 5yrs later I finally found ur channel😩 thank godddd

Kay Elizabeth-Ann says:

OMG I remember watching you as a kid; you’ve grown up!!! And have four kids??? So happy for you!

heleneea says:

i was hoping that you had a girl so you can do cute hair styles for her!

Lavender Yang says:

Yay!! It's a girl!!!!!😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Congrats!!!!!!

Navdeep Jassal says:

omg congrats hopefully when u can do hairstyles on your daughter

Aaron games says:

Logan and Jean like from X-men

Preah Battormmik says:

Very cute boy I love

Berenice Marquez says:

I recommend: Monica, Rosie, Alina, Eliza, Valery, Avery, Amelia, Hailey, Giulia.

Darlene J says:

These kids are so cute!!!! I can't take it. I'm excited for your beautiful, growing family <3

Amber Bruyere says:

I know your busy with your mom priorities but when you get the time can you do a coco and eve hair masque review please? That would be greatly appreciated coming from you💚💙

Centenial Suture says:

Wow that's great …I love all ur hair styles and I have seen all of them……it's great to hear from u again……happy to hear dis from u…. congrats

Behati says:

Please make a lot of videos about being pregnant with second baby and then when you give birth, about having two kids 🙂 I think you will be great mum of two vlogger 🙂

Davi jones says:

Congratulations and lol your son is adorable <3

Whatsupilikebows says:

Why don’t your videos ever show up on my feed anymore ?!

Julia's B Beauty says:

Congratulation for your little girl, I am so happy for you! Watching your video brought me nice memories from two years ago when I was pregnant with second child – my doughter – and I had the same hopes as you said before I found out the gender. Just that in Europe we find the genger usually after first 3D screening so around 12-14 weeks. I wish you a easy pregnancy and I hope to see more videos about that. God bless you and your family!

Fearless says:


mary estrada says:

Its a girl 😍😍😍God bless

missjessicv says:

Camille, Carly, Leia, Genevieve.

Mai says:

Late congrats!! Been watching you since I was young and I’m so happy you’re expanding your beautiful family!

amylicious says:

Omg so happy for you!

Diana Luna says:

Aww congratulations my sons name is Logan and my daughters name is Scarlet 💕

Melissa Fortune says:

Oh wow, congratulations!!! You're so sweet, abd Logan is absolutely beautiful! So precious!!!

Amber Nicole says:

Logan and Layla!

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