Amazing Winter Hairstyles for Black Women | Cute Winter Hairstyles 2018

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2018 Amazing Winter Hairstyles for Black Women | Cute Winter Hairstyles

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Dionne says:

yes its for blacks i see weave…lmfao every time..

Mariama Diallo says:

We all just gonna ignore the fact that the second girl flat ironed her edges !!

Shelly Reynolds says:

Lovely great job all, but one of them went from cabbages to ravishing.

Artiery guerrero says:

So this is only videos for black girls who want cute hair styles??

Damani Dorsey says:

Some of them ain't black

Jazzie Wazie says:

First one was the best, the rest of the girls was pretty and the hair was pretty so yea

Kenzy Villella says:

6:07 um I do not think she is black….

Ad0re.Dana🥴 says:

4:58 totally bLaCk 👀

Angela Garcia says:

It’s a 100

Rachel Lalite says:

Goes straight to the comments

lova miss says:

People ask question where do you come from.
When black girl with skin brown said im mixed with other contry
He make the girl all in black in totality

On lui pose la question de
On lui demande quel origine tu est .Mdr deh une femmes noir clair va parler de sont melange il vont la mettre tous noir par derrière .J'ai remarquer sa dans ma vie
Mais c une très bonne vidéos que Ds femme noir magnifique

Maria Lorenzo says:

Like si cuándo
Le pusieron el pelo a la chica del minuto 4:57 se parecía a Lele Pons

restless journey says:

Please do a compilation on big bad ass afros only😘😘😘😘😍😍😍🌍

Weird TV says:

What’s the music for this please help😿

daughterofzion Israel says:

Why these girls have to plaster they face with make up just to do a hairstyle,I came hair for the actual hair style on thumbnail.

khalid Al-amry says:

5:42 Kim Kardashian who?

Just Curious says:

I've got to learn how to braid.

It’s Just Me says:

What’s The Name Of The 1st Song ❤️

Browndigs69 says:

The 2nd to last girl ain't black….why title it cute hairstyles for black women when you got a white girl in the mix….you just should by have titled it said cute hairstyles for all women.

Taji Nelson says:

Damn it handlin somethin rite ova there lookin great

Tee Richards says:

Amazingly Beautiful

Viola Maria says:


Efinity Atkins says:

I was looking for the styles (burgundy hair) that made me click on the video.

Melodi Lebron says:

Como se llama esa cancion

actually trash says:

Can someone link me to any hairstyles for kinkier hair?

Nycölë Cöstä says:

song 0:01?

Kemauri Malone says:

5:19 it looked better as a puff

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