Amazing Hair Braiding Compilation 2018 – Braid Styles for Black Women #2

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Amazing Hair Braiding Compilation 2018 – Braid Styles for Black Women #2

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Elsie Van Wyk says:

I love all the hair styls but it looks painful❤✌

Kate Osamuyi says:

Lovly,,,they're all beatful 💞

Jada James says:

The third one thooo

Treesa Oliver ! says:

all of these styles are..SO PRETTTYYY 😍😍😍😍😍!!!

Sahya Johnson says:

So that's the place u got your hair done

Chelsea Barnaby says:

2:50 edges TRIGGERED

Angel Paul says:

Who thinks the second person looks lil Tay when u first see her

Natalie Bobcombe says:

Can you send me some braiding hair plese

Daniya Jackson says:

I love The hairstyles cute

BTS mochi says:

In the second clip for a sec that lady look like Lil tay

Josue2018 says:

don't the tight braids give these girls headaches?

Daughter Of Zion True Israel says:

Why do my sister's love ugly blonde hair

Carmen Cooksey says:

They stuff be lookin tight as hell

Temka Williams says:

I'm glad I don't have to wear all of this fake ass hair on me! Black women please be natural; be you because you don't need add ons…

Journey Sidney says:

They are going Savage with those hairstyles

Journey Sidney says:

They did a butaiful job give them a thumbs up if you think they did a great job on threre work . because they work alot and they did amazing hairstyles that I never seen before

Janasia Bailey says:

2:26 I had that hairstyle


2;16 slay it girl

GeGe Alsallum says:

WoW 😲😍

maria thomas says:

even oyinbo braid her hair

Captian Tortuga says:

Why is this labeled for black women my sister can do hair like nobody else so please don’t be racist and say only for black women

woke demi says:

cultural appropriati- nvm i lovved the videp 😩💖💖😍😍

Diamond Alfred-Maeberry says:

What is that hair style called on the cover in the middle with the blue braids?

Kelsey Rose says:

Why is this in my recommends???

Patrícia Lima says:

amei os penteados

Daniela Francis says:

3:11 oh god

Rachel Platoon says:

These styles look like they're gonna snatch your edges from existence….

Ermani Navada says:

Some of these hairstyles look real!

seven brannon says:

The thumbnail with the blue hair is sooo cute 🥰

Vitoria De Jesus says:

Amei 😍😚😚💗

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