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Which vids do you want to see next?! 🙂 Comment below! Thanks for watching. Hope you liked the curly hairstyles!


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Eff Guglebytch says:

Andrea whatever happened to twin sissy Brittany? 😟

Alejandra LaSantos says:

Everythingggg looks cute on her 😔

utrechtse 030 says:

Looks like rihanna and rita ora

MrRaccoon92 says:

its soo easy when u have a perfect messy hair with face that pretty #deargodtellmewhy

lookitsmoi says:

Do an updated hair styling video after shower. How do your curls dry so defined and frizz free. Your ends are so healthy too 🤗

Leyla Rustamova says:

You should try a new (invented by yours truly) month or 3 month virgin hair challenge. So for a month of 3 month or more if you want you would do no color, no heat, no blow dries, NOTHING. Just curls and curls and maybe heatless overnight braids for curled down waves too:) I think it'd be a really interesting thing to try, while also giving your hair a well deserved break

amanda sacco says:

Thank you so much for this video you have no idea my hair is crazy thick and big and curly and I love it but I don't know what to do with it. Half the time it's in a bun which ruins the curls or I just straighten it cuz it's easier to deal with so thank you

Ann Dsylva says:

So beautiful! I love your hair!

Konane Pelekai says:

Your curls are so much looser than they were way back when.
How did you do this???

Farisa Thompson says:

Loved them alllll

nasira little says:

Loved the bun

Marlene Flores says:

please do an updated curly routine ❤❤

Anita Meze says:

She's so PRETTY!!!!!!

Vay Carnes says:

I like the third one

Danielle-Laura Ward says:

The bun is my go to hair! So easy and comfortable!

Sadie Murphy says:

Super late, have you done a wash and go/hair products you use video? I'd love to know your routine

Leyla Rustamova says:

Andres Choise, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THEN FOR YEARS. I know you love boho hairstyles so maybe you should do a video with Daenerys Targaryern hairstyles on curly hair. It could be on wet curls as a wash and go hairstyle or on dry curls. Dany already has curled hair but I think her warrior braids would look amazing on our messy curls:) LOVE YOU

Mylinda Baez-Moyet says:

I love all of them lol thanks for the vid

Dania Maen says:

That moment when all the hairstyles were perfect so you can't pick a fav 🙏😍😍😍👌🏼

John Noneya says:

Andreas so fucking sexy she looks like one of those dirty irish puerto rican bitches

CutiepieMadness says:

Wait! Do you use hair spray, or dry shampoo??

CutiepieMadness says:

Everything is fine, my beautiful curly hair is super cute today!

Then I step out side and its humid, and poof I now have a wrecking ball on my head!

Barbara Meçaj says:

It really helped me a lot…
Thank you, curly buddy! 😊

kim taehyung says:

How old is she?

Mica _ says:

My hair is only shoulder length but I MASTERED THE BUN

Tranicorn Rose says:

Can u do one for straight hair

Anita Meze says:

I love all the hair styles! I will definitely be trying them!!

Chey Blob says:

these videos always help me out lots thank youuuu! 🙂

Taiana Alves says:

Brasil 😍✔

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