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Hey everyone! In todays video I show you 6 easy bun hairstyles / hair tutorial that you need to try! Perfect for school, college, work or lazy days, these are quick to recreate on both long and short hair! I hope you like it and that it helps, please subscribe if you like my content!

This video is not sponsored.

What I’m wearing:
Navy Lace Cami (size 6): http://bit.ly/2uXYSjS

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Alia Khan says:

👌its amazing

_Its_ _Maria_ says:

My hair is rly think but I just got it so it's not as long (right in the middle of my boob) will these work? Pls let me know

Jazmyn Daniels says:

In style four I tried it I looked horrible lol,but u looked georgious♡

miIktea says:

sooo cute !! i have super thick and curly hair, which im assuming wont work but i'll try these out later (when im not lazy ofc) tysm ♡

Carmen Garza says:

I wish I had hair like her's but my hair is brown and on the end it is honey brown 😥😥😥😥

Jillian bk says:

Your hair videos are bar far the best on YouTube!! Luv you! :))

BubbleGumPrincess47 says:

omg, how do you pull these hairstlyes off my hair is way to long, btw your super pretty

ناري ناري says:


Abigail Barrera says:

greetings from Mexico city 😘 good tutorials always help me . you're so beatufil Blessings

LourainVlogging #VLOG says:

Oh no I really can't do this but thanks for showing how to do it love you

BABES X says:

It doesnt work for me because my hair is to (I don't remembet the english word *im dutch*) ehmmmmm a little bit Like Ehm soft or something but if I put a elastic in my hair it 'falls' of my hair. (Sorry my english is soooooo baddd😂) Ps.
Your soooo pretty💓

Maddie M says:

You're so gorgeous ❤ Thanks for this video it helps me a lot 😘 Lovelots from Philippines 💓

Alexa Marie says:

I look like chewbacca used a blow dryer for the first time doing all these hairstyles

Ayesha Arain says:

You're so beautiful Bae ❤

Ayesha Arain says:

You're so beautiful Bae ❤

Zoe Gardner says:

i try so hard but i literally can't do the part where you put it half thru and then twist it around and its so frustrating because in the video its done so simply

Lyssa Hope C. Cumpio says:

Hahaha my first time here and i be like:

Oh mah gosh! She looks like Peyton List! She's soooooo prettyyyyyyyy!!

Asvp kim says:

smh it looks really pretty when u have really straight hair , sucks when u have wavy hair and all these baby hairs start sticking out

Kelani Philipp says:

She looks pretty with buns. If i did then I'd just look like I had bedhair

Kaylee says:

My hair is way too thick, but I'm doing to try it anyways

Reshma Ragesh says:

You are so beautiful. Love your videos.
Love from India

MaCheeseCakePooper 23 says:

Perfect messy bun:

Do a normal bun and then sleep with it so when you wake up BOOM YOU HAVE THE PERFECT MESSY BUN

Aygen Bengü Yıldız says:

could you please film a video about your hair care routine ?

Belinda Rodriguez says:

You are so gorgeous and I love ❤️ your style and your hairstyles

Regan Hackett says:

Will you marry me

Alona Burlakov says:

Babsicle (: You're awesome and thanks, these videos were perfect for my hair

Bloomkarla's Channel says:

you really love your fans miss alex and all of the comments is you and your fans

Bloomkarla's Channel says:

@missalex your so pretty your the best styler

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