6 Instagram Trending Natural Curly Hairstyles( Using Accessories) | TUTORIAL

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Hey Loves I’m back with another natural hair video! All of these Instagram trending hairstyles were wayyyyy too poppin’ for me not to make a video on them! I hope you enjoy ! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you want to see more of these types of videos!
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Karen Frierson says:

What moisturizer do you use for your hair(nice)?

Sieara Campbell says:

see if i tried to do all them hair styles at once my would frizzy af

Lips x Gravity says:

I have no idea how u braided wit acrylics but u go girl they looked amazing

Trend Sisters says:

Love this video, the styles are so cute!!! If you have time, check out our trendy IG styles here: version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TRyFoybQj8&t=10s

charmeika14 says:

I have 4b 4c hair & these are some REALLY cute styles that I will do to my hair… thanks

Kiya Hall says:

Your so beautiful❤. Can you do a makeup tutorial plz

Cruel Curls says:

The first one is ugly

Lyss Brady says:

Love this ! I just posted a back to school hairstyles video on my channel! Would love for you to check it out!😍

vanilla lover 101 !! says:

I can never do these styles because I have short hair🙁😕😢😡😬😥😧😩😵😲😱😞

Kaye Benn says:

Gonna try the second style soon

karina Almonte says:

it's crazy how before We would wear bobby pins and try to make sure they weren't being shown and now we're showing them lol.

Pelaya Serah says:

Hey boys she still looks ugly !!!!!!! LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅 bye guyyy 😋😋

Synclaire _ J. says:

You and your curls are gorgeous and i love every style!! And it's lit cause I just drew a girl with hairstyle #4 on my insta @synclaire_j and it would be awesome if you checked it out 😊💕

Anonym Girl says:

Your hair is just like mine (when i dont destroy it by straighting it) absolutly gorge 😫 even tho that one bun i thought "tf is that stick" BUT ITS OKAY YOU SLAY EITHER WAY ❤️

Jayla Tahtiana' says:

What hair products do you use?

Kiya Karimu says:

You're so cute. Let's be Youtube friends girl

Shakira Love says:

You make braiding look so easy even tho it isn't

MightBeHeavenleigh says:

The second to last one is so beautiful on you ! I've seen it everywhere but ever tried it

Thatgirl Ashanti says:

that last one was ugly asf

Naomi Reel says:

My name is Naomi too! 😀 but im 11 lol

holy cow says:

i finally found someone with the same hair type as me 😅 definitely going to try these styles

Arie Wavyy says:


Mimi W. says:

the slick ponytail with the bobby pins is not a look

Joyce W says:

Style two looks so good on you 😍‼️🙌

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