6 hairstyles for school (long hair) (medium hair)

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Hairstyles for long hair for school!!
If you liked this video please comment below on what you want me to do for my next video it can be anything diy or challenges!!!


Inaaya Chowdhury says:

Yeaaaa, I think we can all tell that isn’t your real voice…. if it was, that would just be plain freaky.

Lundy Pisha says:

I used to have long hair but the my mom cut it πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜”R.I.P long hair

zainey tee vee says:

Are u muslim????

April McPherson says:

Your so pretty

wolf girl says:

When someone else tries new hair style: "This is perfect"

me: "umm…no no no…I'll go with the usual look"

Needah Gangji says:

Thank u somuch I have got somany ideas for hairstyle n I everyday at home try to do a new hairstyle and by the way your hair are very very beautiful

Andrea Del Mundo says:

Woah! Like this is the first time I watched one of your videos and my reaction to your hair is like ''woah'' cus the long hair,curly so cute love it!!!!!!!

# Twinz says:

Just saying not to be mean or anything but I would probs a get bullied if I went to school with my hair like that

Shopkins Studios says:

Your hair is super long and pretty

Mahfuza Maisha says:

It disappointed me very much!!!!!!!!!

Mahfuza Maisha says:

It disappears meΰ₯€:::::ΰ₯€

Maddie Freebern says:

Those pics tho🀒

Emy Leija says:

I wasn't asking for a reply

Maria Ramirez says:

ni peinado bo sabe aser

Hekla saedal arencibia says:

When are you making more videos?!?

CantulopeGirlDoes YT says:

I’m cringing cuz she keeps saying like…

Isabella Prince says:

3:00 people r gonna say I have a poo hanging from my head

Kowen 3415 says:

You are a very pretty girl

Ivana Lalusic says:

Loads of people are saying "im not allowed to have those hairstyles"πŸ˜‚ my school isn't that strict RULES: if your hair is to your shoulders or below it should be tied up and out of your face, accessories like headbands and bows must be school colours (navy blue, black and white) and if your hair is dyed it must be a natural colour like black, brown or blonde and ombre is allowed too

Olivia G says:

Guys plz stop hating her at least she can actually do a hair video and she is just a girl that wants do do a hairstyle video she didn’t know that u know these hairstyles so plz do me a big favour and shut that little hole in ur mouth thanks 🀐

Emma Mercado says:

Post more girl !! Your soooo pretty and so good!!!

apple white says:

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