6 Cute, Easy, & Quick Heatless Hairstyles Using Bows (Back To School)

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Annaliese Manahan says:

Liked um all mostly the pony tail and regular middle pony tail thing!!!!!

Aleah Hankerson says:

Look I don’t look like the picture that’s my mom but one of those hair
style is from BeBexo but I love the other ones

Kat Vazquez says:

Twist waterfall

Niamh Lemon says:

Were do you get your scarf 

Marybell Martinez says:

Something is wrong with her eye’s

lauxlaux says:

I love your outfit 

Naicha Correa-Robles says:

Love it!!!

essieangel27 says:

love all of these hairstyles! 

onlinekyne says:

love your scarf and the 5th style :)

Ingrid Baggett says:

I cracked up when you said in the begining “So all of these hairstyles are
non heat (something like that) except the fact that I curled my hair

Valerie Cruz says:

The first and the second are the cutest 

SnorinLaurenGaming says:

I’m really bad at putting bows in my hair and this helped me a lot 

Gabriela Zamorano says:

Hey ,
um i was just wondering how old are yuh ?? because you inspire me alot

benny h says:

you are very pretty and your hair is fantastic

YouTube Beauty Stars says:

You look amazing with every hairstyle!

Dance4Life5189 says:

Curl hair tutorial

Erika Pacheco says:

Hi Michelle. Could you do an Easter hair/makeup/outfit? 

valeriexpurlue says:

What did you use to edit the thumbnail?

Jess Tash says:

3 and 4 xxx

WishAndWear says:

Your hair is so pretty! :3

Veronica Swiech says:

Post more videos! 

Frank Starkära says:

That was the best hairstyle tutorial ever, I hope that every girl will
watch and learn. All straight/flowing curls, no nasty crinkles, no damaging
heat. #1 was very nice, #2 and #3 were super cute, #5 was the loveliest.

Neil Cousins says:

I like the waterfall

Selena Sanchez says:

Thanks this helped so much 3

Ellie Symss says:

U love bows lol 


what about for shorter hairs??

michellenicolebeauty says:
Maya Richey says:

I love it!! I’m glad I found your website thing!!

susana salazar says:

Marina and the diamonds

Ruby Torres says:

Yes u could i do my cousin hair

Aliyah Gonzalez says:

Sorry number 4 wasn’t the best but all others were supper cute and easy 

Veronica Swiech says:

Like one every week

Miranda Moehrlin says:


Ladylike Charm says:

Love the 3rd hair style, subscribed!:) If you get the chance, please check
out this channel for tips on etiquette, charm & style advice, thank you!:)

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