5 Spring/Summer Hairstyles

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Today I will be showing you 5 easy hairstyles perfect for Spring & Summer! —So sorry the voice over part is quiet! I need to get a better mic! After today I will be uploading every TUESDAY…


EmilyEbeauty says:

@Bethanny Elousie I curled it the day before! Im going to make a video on
how i did it!

EmilyEbeauty says:

@Lexi Womack Thank youuu!<3

EmilyEbeauty says:

@Sian Jones Yay!!

Taylor Krause says:

You have such beautiful hair!!!

Ellen McCann says:

you look like peyton list ahah x love it 

Peyton Carli says:

How did you get your beach waves!!

Naya Girl179 says:

Your really pretty so pretty like Emma from Jessie and editing great i love

Deana Noop says:

Love the new hair color!

Olivia Bushnell says:

SOOOO pretty seriously girl! Cute well done. 

sophielouisebeauty says:

I love your hair so much!! definitely gunna try out these hairstyles 🙂 <3

Mjbeautyy10 says:

Ohh this new hairstyle I’m totally loving on you

Babe with brilliance says:

Love your hair color

Lauren R. says:

You are soooo pretty! <3

PixiehollowNora says:

You’re so gorgeous omg 

SassyShelbie says:

You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love these hairstyles! Can’t wait to try
them out. xo

Cheri Berkel says:

Omg your so pretty I watch your videos all the time your my favorite

YouTube Beauty Stars says:

Your braided hair is awesome!

manisha ali says:

Is it just me or does she look A LOT like Peyton list?!?!?

carley ammonn says:

You look like Peyton List omf youre gorgeous!

Sian Jones says:

First view comment and like

emilygm says:

you’re gorgeous wowow I love your new hair

anna bnana says:

love your channel so much!! what camera do you use to film? x

Jordi Reed says:

Bless you!!!!! (That was for when you sneezed haha)

Macie Brashier says:

What do you film with?

ChloeCosmetics says:

LOVEEEEEEE the hair, lip color and EVEREYTHAAANNNNGGGG xoxoxoxoxoox

Lexi Womack says:

Your hair looks so good! I love it ❤️

Michelle Jamie says:

I love your eyes!!

Julia Bella says:

looveee ur lip color!

Olivia Parke says:

You’re so pretty x

Mias Bliss says:

Where are your rings from? They are so cute! 

MaJenta1053 says:

Do you have a video on how you got your hair that wavy or is it natural?

Bethanny Elousie says:

Do you curl your hair like that or is it natural? Either way it is too die

Ellise Colaizzi says:

Looove your lip color here haha

Ainah Galvero says:

You’re so pretty❤️❤️

Allie & Maya says:

you’re gorgeous!! 

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