5 Minutes Back to School/ College Natural black Hairstyles on 4c Hair

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Hi, lovelies! I’m back with 5 back to school/college hairstyles that you can rock when you’re late for class, or you just don’t have time. Make sure you watch my previous natural hair tutorials on my channel. You can view via the links below and all the hairstyles on the video were made on Day 1 hair. Peep the Shrinkage!

Some of my other videos include;

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Sameera salah says:

Styles ❤️😅😅❤️ur hair is soo beautiful too…and soft ❤️

Sameera salah says:

Beautiful style ❤️

Happilisticker Sun says:

I love your hair, its looks very soft please what products do you use .I use organic products but my hair is till too hard I need it soften..thanks

Rach L says:

Love the 1st, 3rd, and last styles the best,, very nice! And you have beautiful hair! Thanks for sharing these!

Lorna Phillips says:

I like the last best bit they are all nice. Love your hair and really enjoy watching you style it.
I have combination type 4 hair and I am saving all your videos so that if and when my hair grows out enough I'll have them handy to remind me how to style my hair beautifully and easily as you do.
Thanks so much IgboCurls!

lindy marks says:

Thank you for some simple to do hairstyles that are truly beautiful.

Emem Oyuho says:

igbocurls do you have a low porosity hair?
I'm transitioning and my hair is 4c and low porosity as well.
How do i manage it cos products just sits on my hair.
Waiting to hear from you.

(StyleME) StyleBitsnBobs says:

I like your hairstyles and earrings!

CatTay says:

Very cute styles!

saregis smith says:

I sure am glad you've got it figured out and loving your kinky coily strands (or "4c" as they call it)! I'm just now getting to that stage. Thank for sharing these beautiful hairstyles!

Oyiboamaka says:

Blessed hands 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼I love you IGBOCURLS ❤️😍😍😍

Sunnydaze says:

All very nice, quick styles.

Essie Thomas says:

Your hair is so beautiful. And I like all the hairstyles shown, especially the last one. However, what did you use to keep your hair highly moisturized so you can manipulate it with such ease?

Leïla G says:

Good video. Would love your wash day routine !

natural beauty says:

You have beautiful hair and I also love the hair styles!

Cara J says:

All are lovely, but I like the last one the best. When I do updos I tend to do them once and tie my hair up. I don't have time in the morning to do my hair. It would be just my misfortune that it not turn out right, then I will become frustrated. So, I normally make sure my hair is moisturized well and style on Sunday. I do, however, spritz my hair each night before wrapping it up.

Deborah Vangee says:

Nice and easy

Willodeen Richardson says:

Love them!! Quick and easy!! Thank you.

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