5 Go-To Fall Hairstyles

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Here are a few my of my favourite fall hairstyles I’ve been rocking lately.
1. Let me know if you guys want me to bring back more hairstyle videos.
2. Shall I film a hair care routine next?


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Éloïse G says:


Simon Vogel says:

Yeah hair care routine

Luisa says:

thank you – love all of them!!! so sad october is nearly over… I just uploaded an "Autumn Lookbook" on my channel including lots of autumnal colours, it would mean so so much if you could check it out! lots of love, xx

Chanyak Lowang says:

I love your sweater 😘

Simon Vogel says:

That was not interesting either.

Jailyne Santana says:

Can you do a video on how to transition over to a vegan !! I really want to !

Krissy Shell says:

Loved this and loving all of youtober! Please could you make a daily hair routine? How often you wash hair/ what products you use/ hair masks etc? 💕💕💕

Annie_143 says:

I looove your #Youtober videos so much! So excited everyday ❤🙊

I know this is kind of random but I would be more than happy if could win this german competition ❤ I only need 50 more votes! Please help me to have a chance 😞❤


Sarah Jane Lamberth says:

Please do a hair care video!!

Traveling Wallflower says:

Loving the braid styles. 🤗🤗

HanReads says:

You should do more hair videos and a hair care routine! 🙂

HanReads says:

Could you show us how to do the buns you had in your vegan baking video recently!!! 🙂

Μαίρη Μπαμπλς says:

What's you secret of having that dense and strong hair?

Brittany Travers says:


ivannia says:

omg kings of leon on the intro 😭😭

Christina Ludwiczak says:

Can you please please do work hairstyles I’m becoming a marriage and family therapist would like some ideas you rock if you could do a video

Skully Rock says:

I need longer hair! X💀x💀

S says:

If only I had that much hair 🙈💕

Marta Arimont says:

Hair care routine!!!!! 🙂

Inês Sá Couto says:

I wish I could do my hair as good as you do yours !! It ends up looking like a mess most of the time 😂😭 Please do a hair care routine !!

gracelessnights says:

ugh so pretty

Réka Miklovich says:

the first and the last one are my favourite hairstyles <3 🙂

michelle cooper says:

yasss girrrlll i have been waiting for thissss! When i watched those vids back then with hairstyle tutorials, my hair was too short for most of the styles. but NOWWW… thank you so mucho! <3

Lea Bam :3 says:

People claiming they can't do this in the comments. And then there's my problem: I have like literally no hair. I feel like if I had 70% less hair than normal people have and like 85% less hair then she has. thanxxx world.

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