5 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

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Instagram: @karinalynnkho Super late upload 🙁 Back to school hairstyles! Enjoy everyone 🙂 I missed you all! Links ♡ Facebook: http://facebook.com/karinalyn…


Ana Toseland says:

You can definitely tell your roots are coming through but I actually think
it looks really nice like that x

mayjannie says:

My hair has too much flyaways for #2 …

Claire Pires says:

I loved the #5 one, it’s great in your hair and it looked great in mine
too. Thanks for showing this, it really works :)

Katie brusuelas says:

on the angled French braid Is there a wat to make it look like that for
thinner hair???
my braids are always tight and weird

ALSo what color of hair dye did u use its sooo pretty

lobtato says:

Hey, I’m Hillary! I started my youtube about a year ago, and it is
definitely hard to get noticed on here, so I hope you understand.
I uploaded a hair tutorial for SUMMER HAIRSTYLE. Please go check it out if
you’re interested, it would mean the world if you could come check it out!
Thank you! 

Iris Verhoef says:

Loove it thanks!!

Tumblr Models/Fake Buster :) © says:

5 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles
the buns#1 and #3 i think and the pony tail are all tumblr girl quality but
its kinda for long hair 😛 sowwy 

Sophie's gold says:

A braid is a small plat and a plat
Is what your doing but it is cool

Bailey Odegaard says:

i like the last one the best it works great for volleyball and dance
practices or volleyball games.

Adrianna Gonzalez says:

Your really pretty

Abbey Burrows says:

Im a football (australian) player and a basketball player and i use number
five when i play my games and it really works because my hair goes crazy
with all the fluffy bits in a normal ponytail but in this one my hair
stayed sane

Kizhia Faye D. Sioco says:

Ohh Lice
In your Hair
! Lice 

ScruffyLilPuppy says:

i like the bun:P i do it everyday cuz im lazy

Tegan Reynolds says:

Your doing french braiding all wrong

Vanessax Blaze says:

these hair styles suck, nun of them are easy, just to let you know,

kristina waugh says:

the angel braid looks like elsas hair

kaitlyn hornung says:

I loved the 5th one

Alayjay Ward says:

I absolute loved all the styles …

Amy Dobson says:

i love these good job at school fashion XD

Tiya goyal says:


Step Mum says:

Back to school tomorrow! YAYYYYY!!!!
might give a few of these a go on little miss:)
5 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles

Aisha Turkistani says:

Very nice

Alyssa Evans says:

I LOVE your hair

lucyandwayne cornell says:

i love these hairstyles thanksss karina 🙂 xx

Cara Mills says:


Emme Lawrence says:

my hair is in a french braid right now

Aicha Hrn says:

I love it! thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥

Renee Washington says:

Nice hairstyles

Athena Mirambel says:

Your eyebrows<3

Nikol Stylesová says:

You have pretty hair 🙂 

Genevieve Lynch says:


Ykmira Ud says:

Thank you. Liked your ideas. I really enjoyed your video. You are very
likable. Make more videos.

Joanne Tran says:

omg 3 is so hard i can never do it even a normal one!!!

Tharushi Silva says:

I like this video my hair was nicer than earlier

macy roebuck says:

Your so beautiful you have lovely hair I love these styles thank you so
much now I can do nice styles that look amazing

Evelyn Rodriguez says:

I love #5

Jenny Locsin says:

I’m using my moms acc

noor khadidja says:

you are so cute … 

Shauna Campbell says:

Your hair is amazing it looks gorgeous no matter what xxx

gamila el sheikh says:

Fantastic thank u so much!! xD

Ashleigh O'Hara says:

Your hair is beautiful!!

diy,hair,andmakeup says:


Sarah Adams says:

Your eyes

Reemowh wuvz u says:

how do u do tease ur hair when u brush its just gosh

Katy e's time says:


Nessa Mendoza says:

Your Hair Is Soooo Beautiful 

CrazyChinaChick says:

She actually has thick hair for an Asian. They always have that light soft
straight hair.

Cara Isabella says:

Love all of the hairstyles! I shall be trying them very soon!x

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