5 Back to School Hairstyles for Natural Hair

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Hey!! So I wanted to share with you a few simple hairstyles that would be great for going back to school. Thanks for watching! :)) –L Twitter:@laurajaid Ins…


Simply Mara says:

You have beautiful skin btw! New subbie!

GirlsenseAbena21 says:

What would you say your hair type is? I’m trying to find hair bloggers with
4b/4c hair!

Senait Ainsworth says:

Do you wear these styles to school/work??

Princess Tiera says:

Doing my first twist out..excited to try these hair styles xD

Images of Life says:

I do the twist in the front but the one with the two twist and hair on the
side is cool looking.
Sincerely, your new subscriber

Sarah Maki says:

Lol i like the intro

amina toure says:

I am not trying to act weird but how do you keep your skin flawless?! Can
you make a video about how to make your skin flawless? By the way great

princess287love says:

I like #2

Deb JB says:

Great job! Nice hairstyles! 

Aaliyah Sutherland Wrigth says:

Great video!!!?!!

MissJoi100 says:

I just found your channel I love your hair!! and I subscribed!! Cant wait
to upload my natural hair video!

Sarah Lewis says:

do you have any ponytail styles video?
love your ideas btw

Karima Dye says:

I like num 4 I am going to use tht

Loretha Lunn says:

WONDERFUL!!! I love how detailed you are in explaining your steps…you are
very creative…excellent video

MoonLight Path says:

Hair style number 4 looks really pretty on u. 🙂 ( btw i wish my hair was
tht long)

Sarah Maki says:

I love these

jazzey wyaans says:

3rd one was my fav

Shaniqua Newbold says:


naeemah xoxo says:

Your hair is beautiful

TheLovelyMrsSmith says:

Very cute,i’ll be trying all styles on my 1st grader.

Shella Bella says:

Those styles are so cute I love the 4th style. I want weave for the first
day of school. But this makes me want to have my hair out :)

Professionally Panda says:

I seriously loved the first one, that is my go to hairstyle!

essence harvin says:

Your hair is really pretty but I wish my mom will let me go natural I mean
I always wanted to I just really wish I can I love how it’s curly and can
you tell me how to go natural because right now I have a perm/relaxer in my
head I don’t want that I want to go natural soooooo bad can you HELP 

Kamia ortiz says:

Please make another video different hair style

Winter Williams says:


Shana Adams says:

Your so gorgeousssss ❤

Coretta Johnson says:

Thanks for the tutorial, I really did not have clue on how I wanted my hair
for the first day of school and this tutorial gave me great ideas. Thank

rissa1859 says:

Omg thank you for making this video. my sisters hair is so hard to do but
these hairstyles are not only cute but easy to do for school!!

wwawsomegirllol says:

this really helped me

Angel Chavez says:

All of ur hair styles r great!!!!!! U go girl!!!!!!!!! :-)

Rainbow Girl says:

Cool i like how its easy and simple

Moniesa Mitchell says:

Ur so pretty

jangiew says:

I have a niece that could use some of these hairstyles on her natural hair.
I will be showing her this video. Thanks

iona elena says:

You look so young but sounds so mature

Troy Hawkins says:

Can you do my hair in the ladt style and I am a girl using a boys profile

Mercy Teah says:

ready for school girls her is some hairstyles hop you like it

Troy Hawkins says:

Can you do my hair in the ladt style and I am a girl using a boys profile

Jaynita Coleman says:

They were all hopeless styles until she got to style # 4 and 5.

fantagefreek says:


Debbie Burrington says:

I will try it thanks

mercy chukwu says:


aundiatheshyt says:

Wow That Was So Beautiful! How Did You Get Your Hair Curly?

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