5 Back to School Hairstyles! (Easy, Quick, Unique & Heatless)

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candy chow says:

you are so awesome and pretty

sarahvelazquez67 says:

Yhu have really pretty hair .!

29MiKa04 says:

You’re not explaining that much….

Natalia Fiol says:

love em’ all

Paige Callow says:

what if your’e not good a braiding !

minivisious says:


Cherry Berry says:


Naomi Vanhoof says:

Love 4

esmeralda morales says:

i love all the hair styles

Kayla Dawn says:

love your earings were did you get them

cerysgibson5 says:

Love it.xx a hairstyle for each day fot school perfect.x Thanks im so subscribing

Aj Laya says:


audrey ylanan says:

“easy” TT,TT

Bhavini Quessou says:

ur really pretty

Marissa Castronovo says:

Well actually she’s not acting;)

casnalshup says:


casnalshup says:

U r so pretty

Hannah Knowles says:

You look a lot prettier when you just smile and not make silly faces 🙂

Vanessa Rivera says:

If only i could be that pretty TT^TT

HarleyS Imagination says:

R Yhu That Stupid

freddieprimrose says:

Ur really pretty :-)

COREY Walsh says:

U didn’t explain how to Dutch braid very well

Jonalyn Bendo says:

lol stop acting like youre cute

anivega1 says:

OMG 2:37 your “yay” sounds SO MUCH LIKE ARIANA (or Cat from Victorious)

migs08esguerra says:

I lOve All of thEm buT sO muCh my sElf3

jenni rojas says:

STOP trying so much

Mildred Pacheco says:

you are really pretty

Eliane Lawford says:


ladycat1212 says:

your just like hmm hmmm im a nerd im a nerdy nerdy nerd what you think about that lol your hilarious jk

Dannie- Ellen says:

Your great!! Thanks for the awesome hair tips!!!!!!!!

Shauna Ogden says:

U look so pretty in this video

bjrbffs2 says:

I love all of these hairstyles!! And btw you are really pretty!! 🙂

Lauren Evans says:

I liked them all but number #4 was my favourite.. Xx

DandelionsandStars says:

Hey everyone! I just started my own channel and I posted my summer clothing haul from Forever 21! It’ll mean a lot if you check it out! 🙂 xx

lbenn750 says:

I like #1

Jenna Pink says:

Loved all of them :))) <3

Tiffany Bella says:

Neni1303 if your going to hate then do it on your own channel!! No one wants to hear it! She will make videos and she will say what she wants!!!

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