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In this video we’re showing you 3 super easy travel hairstyles that can be worn for your next trip! We guarantee you that these 3 up-dos will stay in place while you adventure all day long. If you’re looking for some inspo for your next big trip, watch this video for the ultimate Italy trip through Sarah Nourse’s eyes.

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Thank you to our beautiful friend Sarah Nourse for this collab. Check out her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDbGw5fdxTLjRsNnD7_Jwvw

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helen rex says:

"I Love Luxy"

Manasvi Tolia damani says:

Hey ..
Where can i buy luxy hair extensions from ??
From kuwait…

Abrico Tine says:

Beautiful hair!

Staylovingmusic says:

I love all the hairstyles. 💜
Thanks for this awesome video.

Ryc says:

Beautiful! How was Venice

Bilgread Karki says:

Hey u should get 100 k like

crazy girl says:

Omg are you in Italy right now? With these temperatures? I live in the south and I just want to go away, it's too much hot!

Aleksandra Aćimović says:

I'm in Italy 😁

Alma M says:

I love luxy

alanoud fahad says:

i lovvvve it ❤️❤️ thankyou

Daniel T says:

Mademoiselle cheveux souriants bonjour, avec plaisir de vous revoir tresser vos cheveux. 4août2017 5h22'

The Wanderful Lyfe says:

Omg number 2 is perfect for a nice night out!

Ruth Christina says:

how do people hide their bobby pins so well? Mine are always obvious and sticking out 🙁

Mandyshareslife says:

#1 is my ultimate favee!❤❤❤

liliyakay says:

Love the way you explain things <3

Reshma Patel says:

Mimi….where r u

Angela Nina says:

Dear Luxy
Really like these kind of videos from your channel. Great improv 👍🏻 love the concept of this where we can see a little bit of the beautiful places plus hairstyles.. a great combo 👍🏻❤️

Nicole Marie says:

Italy is so gorgeous omg!

Diana Kim says:

I saw this video and went "that's has to be Sarah! I know she always has a Luxyhair affiliate code in her video descriptions." Also, I've seen enough of her videos and Instagram to know what her hair looks like from the back. Love these super cute styles.

maya swift says:

Where did mimi go!!!!!!!!???!!!!😳😒

missnounoumac says:

Is it possible to have a video with luxies on very short bob ? But that we can see the back of the head this time ? Xoxo

Shreyoshi Das says:

Loved the hairstyles😻😻..the second hairstyle was my fav

Nunzi Novoa says:

I' m Italian, and tomorrow I'll go for the first time in England.
Thank you so much for this video!♥️

Gratz Shino says:

Nice video! I always like doing my hair so keep posting!

Shivani Rana says:

nice video👌👌👌👌👌😘😘

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