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Hi loves! Today on our channel, we invited our beautiful friend and Youtuber Jenny from Margo&Me to show to you her 3 easy running late hairstyles. For those mornings where you find yourself feeling rushed to get ready, try one of these 3 looks! You’ll be looking chic in under 5 minutes! What is your go-to hairstyle when you’re running late? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jen says:

Cool! Going to try the buns one tonight!

Masuma Akhter says:

Plz Mimi come back 😢😢

Alexandra says:

Yall bought your subs

xPink Pineapplex says:

these r sooo cute xoxox❤❤❤

Roxy IL says:

Loved this!!! I thought it would be complicated hair styles with beautiful already done hair, but it totally will work. Thank you!!!

Olivia orton says:

Loved the unique style of this video. I have been watching this channel for years, and almost all of my hairstyles have been learned here. Thanks for making my hair less boring!

mila way says:

Where is her amazing black lace tanktop at 0:48 from? Its stunning. Great videos 🙂

Evelina Kolessova says:

It's amazing! Thank u for the video

Jo Joe says:

Great video. Could you also do a video on how to style an asymmetric bob?

Vaishnavi Vaishnavi says:

it's 😎 Cool…

erinskelly says:

I love how the "running late" hairstyle requires you to predict you will be running late. If I'm going to blow dry my hair before bed, then I don't need this. Give me a hairstyle where you went to bed with wet hair.

Amna bz says:

So pretty i loved 😍

FashionMoksha says:

she looked like mimi in thumbnail 🙂 Agree?

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