3 Easy Mens Hairstyles | No Heat Hair Tutorial – Healthy Hair 2016

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– We ship worldwide | https://blumaan.com
– Comin’ atcha with 3 easy hairstyles that don’t require any heat! Keep it healthy every now and again.
– 4 hair hacks for BETTER hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD9TNvGd5tQ

Products Featured:
– Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade by BluMaan
– Hanz de Fuko Claymation

Alternative products:
Instead of Fifth Sample (since it’s not for sale)
– Lockhart’s Hair Groom (not as much hold, but VERY hair healthy)
– O’douds Water Based Pomade
– Shear Revival Crystal Lake Pomade
– Red House Water Based Pomade

Clay Alternatives:
– Baxter of California Clay Pomade
– Daimon Barber Clay Pomade

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Song Used: Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo (4th Dimension Remix)
Outro Song: The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (K Theory & TYR Remix)


Alexis Mazariegos says:

Can you Use Muries Palmade ? It's like the orange one were there's one guy and one girl can you use that ?

Chintan Vyas says:

LMAO I find Det des… Des… Des…. Description funny….. With panda song edited 😂😂

kapil baisoya says:

Hey bro you're awesome with few simple tips by you I completely changed my style and it's awesome all thanks to u man.

Filip Gajewski says:

I want my next haircut to be something pretty much like this, but dk what to say to the barber, so he doesnt fuck my hair up, any tips?

Pallavi Singh says:

oh my god…he's so good looking

Internet Explorer says:

can anyone let me know what comb joe was using pls

Review My Style says:

I really like your content.
Stop by my channel if you may happen to. I got some cool stuff on Fashion which you might like! #ReviewMyStyle

Roshan Kumar says:

he looks damn smart

Tacos X Burritos says:

For the first one and the second when should we blow dry it if we don't have time to dry it naturally

Kiran Raut says:

Whats the song name….???????

Mohsin Meerali says:

What if hair falls?

ILoveYouu says:

Step 1: have a pretty face (you wont be ugly)

Step 2: Have perfect hair

Chow Poran J. Gogoi says:

you suck cock

Op_gaming 23 says:

Can I just us the narrow toothed come in stead if the brush

Usama Abid says:

What is the product, you use in your hairs? Hair gel???

Corby Plays says:

Can you blow dry your hair instead of naturally letting it dry and get the same result?

Jack Peters says:

my hair is down to my eyebrow

Strait Up Gaming says:

In my school, we call dis a…

f u c c b o i a l e r t

Usman Baig says:

How to silk hair

nelson says:

Why is no one talking about how this mans just busted his ass from 2:002:05

Patrick James Cube says:

Cool! Thanks Men!

Moses Johnston says:

Dude you look completely different in real life stop with the makeup cuetip remember that name hahahah faggot

Waheed Bhutto says:

Cream Name?

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