3 Easy Hairstyles for Dummies! TAKE LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! Short and Long Hair | Chelsea Crockett

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If you suck at hair like me, here are some quick and easy hairstyles that everyone can do. Short to long hair, you can do these simple hair looks in less than 3 minutes!

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Fa Ro says:

#1 hairstyle…… I do it ALL THE TIME, mainly because I can't do any other hairstyles

marieee Diaz says:

Let me see how u curl ur hair in ur next new videos

Lauren Duran says:

These suck but love u

Melannie Lynn says:

Her makeup looks so good πŸ’„

Karina Pico says:

Why she call us dummies

Travis Cheramie says:

hey chelsea how are i was thought by my cousin how to braid and french braid now theres a new one im about to learn its called chinese ladder how can i send you the video are you can go look it up it looks pretty cool you might want to check it out tell me what you think have a blessed day

eliza Lidaka says:

Chelsea Crockett i love your hair its soΒ  long and preety my hair is really long too i love your hairstyles videos they are so much fun to meΒ  i love when u do stuff about your hair plz can u do how u curl your hair plz

GG Garcia says:

Your mean bully you shouldn't be a YouTube

Kate Bogart says:

You actually look so cute with the first hairstyle!!

Nat Cake says:

Well this title represents me completely "hair styles for dummies" yeh dummies basically me when it comes to beauty πŸ˜‚

briannaxnicole says:

are there any good products for volume? my hair is always soo flat so i can't go too long without washing it because it gets so flat and greasy

The Jackson Hive says:

All of these are so cute!! I especially like the first one!!

SimplyJelo says:

Pretty Ladyβ€οΈπŸ’•LOVEYOU CHELSEA😘GodblessπŸ˜‡

Samantha Hernandez says:

who remembers her everyday makup look when she was like 12?😁

BTS, P!ATD ,PHAN, and DAMON SALVATORE are bae says:

I hate when reply to their own comments

Emily Carbon says:

i love you hair chelsea!!! i am super jealous i have super thick curly hair!

the derp Sisters says:

Step 1: wake up with perfect hair.
Because every year I have a goal to do different hair styles each day of a week. One week later throws my hair into a pony tail Done!

α’ͺΙ›Δ±Κ‚Ι§_ α‘­Ι›Δ… says:

Please do an updated room tour

Emma _Gymnast98 says:

Hi Chelsea, I live your videos and I love your mom!!! She is absolutely so sweet!! You're probably wondering how I know her… She works at my school!!! I've always wanted to ask her if I could meet you but I'm a little scared to.

Melissa Suckow says:

Your hair curled is so pretty:) I liked the half bun better with it curled. Idk I'm more of a very tight n clean hairstyle Kinda girl. Like when I do a pony tail I like it to be realllly tight lol

Melissa Bennett says:

Please do more hairstyles videos maybe the boxer braid love your videos β€οΈπŸ’

Arlet tome says:

Chelsea will you be returning to school ??

mandamaye28 says:

Chelsea, you should do a video on hairstyles for prom cuz I need some ideas for prom on May 20th.

Linda Whelton says:

Would LOVE a hair curling tutorial! πŸ’•

Samantha Thomas says:

Please do a video on how you curl your hair!

Kels Eva says:

Great video. Check out my instagram @kelseva

pullaiah g says:

your are looking sooooo preeety chelsea

Victoria Veatch says:

literally was the same hairstyles

Beru Chua says:


Amy Lewis says:

Can u pls make more puberty/period videos u explain stuff so well and ur really good at those vids!! Love u πŸ’œ

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