3 EASY Everyday High Ponytail Hairstyles With Puff For School, College, Work | Deepika Padukone

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Hey Everyone, Ive put together 3 ways of wearing a Ponytail.. You can wear it just with a Puff.. or as a Messy Ponytail or with a Braid.. All 3 are super easy to achieve and are inspired by none other than the beautiful Deepika Padukone.. You can wear them to school, college or work.. Hope you like these 3.. Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite.? Mine is the last one : )
I love you all…

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3 EASY Everyday Messy Ponytail Hairstyles For School, College, Work/Deepika Padukone /Indian Hairstyles..
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Tania Ahmed says:

Plz Post some vidios on wavy hair which look very smart

Ravindrachoudhary Ravindrachoudhary says:

so beautiful

Mahima Singh says:

thank u mam 'wow'

surya kumar says:

your hair style soo simple soo easy thanku

Nahid Mn says:

It's amazing

Angel Goyal says:

Easy superb

Goowill Carriers says:

i think your favourite actress is deepika padukone because most of the hairstyles u do like her

Goowill Carriers says:

i have seen your every videos and it is superrb

Nayeem Bagwan says:

wowww …its so amazing .😚😚😚i jzz loved it

Munawwar Khan says:

this are so cute hair styles I like it 😁

Savay Anjani says:

very nice hear

Fazal Khan says:

very nice..😊

Fazal Khan says:

very nice..😊

S. K Joshi says:

hey! why everyone is disliking such an amazing vdo???

Anjali Patel says:

u do so easily I loved it

Papari Deka says:

i like ur all hairstyles… u r so pretty… i want to say my hair is soo thin,so I can't do puff on my hair.. and when I use backcomb its gone so rough. and finally the puff is not ready. plz give me some tips.. plz.

amar ma says:

Your hairstyles are so beautiful. I am from Bangladesh. You are so beautiful. My name is Tajkia.

Runa Saha says:

It really helps alot

sayyed Zaid says:

Mam I am a girl I want to make first pony but I have flicks which are very short

Patel Foram says:

dipika krta alag lage 6

Rakesh Kaul says:


Solty Jain says:

nice hair styles

Mah Noor says:

Ap ka haircut konsa ha

Dhanashree panchal says:

gorgeous and very cute 😉😚😙

Saubia Shahwar says:

can you please tell me what's your hair color?

Hamani Rahman says:

It is puff not puuff.

Sanjeev Vishnoi says:

fantastic puff

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