3 DIY Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair – KayleyMelissa

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Here are 3 DIY prom hairstyles for long hair! This little hair tutorial has everything, quick ponytails, braids, a bun…and *sparkles*.

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I really wanted this prom tutorial to be quick and easy. After doing my short hair video it felt like time for some long hair styles. I hope you enjoy!

—⟣Tools & Accessories:⟢—

-Boar Bristle Brush: http://bit.ly/2EeBrHU
-Teasing Comb: http://bit.ly/2HtWBVB
-Hair Building Fibers: http://bit.ly/2Hje3hK
-Rhinestone Hair Pins: http://bit.ly/2GRtPgq

-Hair Extensions: My Fantasy Hair
http://bit.ly/2GRtGh4 in Butterscotch
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Dragon Fox says:

Last time I put my hair in a bun it was like that for 2 weeks…

Kacy Taylor says:

My gosh, how are you are sooo pretty??

Carrie Ali says:

I love the first 2 not a fan personally of three but it looks beautiful on u

Thea Precht says:

I love the bun. Will try it for a wedding tomorrow.

Could you pleeeeaaaaase do a tutorial on hair styles for fancy hats and fascinators???

Christine Camille Chua says:

Please do a video of your favorite products to prep the hair for formal event like prom/wedding?

Jennifer Pokrzywka says:

I love, love, love the braided hairsyle

Stephanie Ivanova says:

I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE SUCH A GENIUS! It's so easy to follow your tutorials

Mia Schloss says:

Loved the braid at the end!

katy goodrich says:

Love the braidaholic one!!

Chethani Gunawardana says:

What are some cute hairstyles for people with thin curly/wavy hair?

Kirsten Santich says:

Giiirrrl. I was coming for that bun and you did not disappoint! Gorgeous! And I can probably actually do it 😂

Keapix says:

It sucks having thin hair; none of these would look good on me.

krrs i says:

I looove your make-up! <3 and I love all of the hairstyles! Although my prom was a few years ago, I'd definitely enjoy trying them out for an event or something!

Abby Of the Valley of the Wind says:

have you seen prince of persia? its a great movie, and the 'main' girl in it has some really cool hairstyles that you should do 🙂 great video by the way!

Heather Fuller says:

Could you do some hairstyles that would look good under a graduation cap?? Or maybe some tips and tricks for how to wear them so they don’t look super dumb/ruin your hair?

bella swan says:

Your dresses' were awesome.
Kayley you are the first person I ever subscribed to on YouTube.
Watching your videos make me remember those good old days.😭

blue smoke says:

the last one

Allanita22 says:

The braid is amazing! I have a wedding tomorrow and I will try it for sure, I hope it is a success! 🙂

Cay Megakeksbrösel says:

I love the long braid!!!! So great!

Samantha Bain says:

I think I am going to do the last one for my hair for my wedding!!! I love it so much

EverydayCait says:

Girl. That boar bristle brush is not available anymore! Do you have a recommendation for another budget-friendly one?

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