2018 Curly Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts – Easy and Fast Hair Ideas

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2018 Curly Bob Hairstyles for Women – Easy and Fast Hair Ideas for every girls and women. Only different kinds of waving were different, since at that time much attention was paid to it.

Curling was done in hot and cold ways. Technique of hairstyles all the time improved. In the hairstyles, different types of curls could be combined, ring-shaped, spiral, tubular, like shingles. It looks great both on straight and curly hair and, importantly, it allows to maintain a neat and beautiful appearance without much effort. Cutting quads for girls and her photos.

Long hair up to the shoulders allows using hairpins, rubber bands, hoops or ribbons to create a variety of hairstyles for every day. This is an excellent option for those who choose a medium hairstyle option. But it’s worth remembering that hair of this length requires careful care and constant attention. In the poetic works the Greeks endowed their goddesses with golden hair, blue eyes, matte skin. These are the heroines of Homer, Aeschylus. Perhaps all these qualities were supposed to have and earthly women, considered beautiful. About the hairstyles of ancient Greece can be judged by the monuments of sculpture, objects of applied art.

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Separate several strands on the vertex, curl, but do not comb, but “disassemble” them with your hands. These same strands can be turned into tails or painted with the help of sparing chalk or sprays. Such paint will be washed off at the first use of shampoo, and the image for a children’s party or birthday will turn out. In especially solemn cases, hair was showered with gold powder. With the development of Greek society, the hairstyle began to determine the social position of man. During the archaic period, men’s hairstyles were distinguished by simplicity of lines and silhouettes were like women’s. https://youtu.be/K4J-pkpgKMk

It is very easy to care for such hair and keep them in order. At the same time, modern hairdressing art provides many variations for women. In the 5th century BC these hairstyles gradually disappeared. Their place was taken by neat little hairstyles from trimmed, curly curls. Clear lines of ringlets depicted the silhouette of the head. These hairstyles did not differ in variety, they were all gracefully made of short hair.


eya calzada says:

When im in highschool i always tie my hair cause it is curl and frizzy and its been so long time i always go to salon and straight my hair and im tired of it…. Mmm,, what is the best hairstyle for me? Its ok if i let curl my hair again cause im rounded face??lol

April Michelle says:

Most of these are just short haircuts that are curled "artificially" vs cuts for someone with curly hair. I've been trying to find a cute cut for spring but I am only finding vids like this or black women. I adore some of the black women's styles, but the textures of our hair is very different and I cannot expect the same result. Oh, and my hair isn't just curly, it's spiral-ly. Can an one point me in the right direction?

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