2017 Fall & Winter 2018 Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

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2017 Fall & Winter 2018 Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

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amayzing28 says:

Where's the cover photo of the short hair style. I watched the whole video just for that style.

moxie mo says:

Some of these were cute but I agree with the previous comment that it felt like either they were light skinned with type 3 hair or they got a weave. I'd love to see you highlight more women with kinky curly natural hair and the styles that they can do.

Schumetta Jackson says:

OMG, Beautiful!!!

Sammy Smith says:

I want to know what the names of the songs are in the video

Kendra says:

So needed this, yasss

Farah, I guess says:

I need to give you guys a hand of applause, it takes so much effort to rock these styles 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 they're amazingly pretty

Confused Rick says:

All I see is a bunch of weave and mixed light-skins w/ type 3 hair. But whatever imma just dislike and leave.

Renee says:

Great video!!.. Cute hair styles

Nubian Goddess says:

4:33 Ah cutting all that healthy hair just bold it just hair it will grow back !! Waiting to exhale moment

Jeni Beni says:

Wow, this Tamar Braxton look-a-like girl is showing up everywhere. Go girl!

Elikassio S Ramos says:


LifeBeauty says:

Im from turkey

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