13 Styles for Straight Natural Hair

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Hey Loves!
I recently straightened my natural hair and wanted to show some quick & simple ways to style it! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

If you see this, comment your favorite hairstyle!


Hailey Miles says:

you are so pretty!!!

SadieMae says:

is it just me or does she look like tinkerbell in the intro

Cade Rager says:

you're very pretty im black as well i did one of your hair styles and my friends loved it .

Breeka Foll says:

Omg you're so pretty and I'm so jealous

Jessie Torres says:

Im the same way after the 2nd day im ready to wash my hair .

Its Rafiha Yo says:

do have lice

Maria Evie says:

My hair is as straight as a pole naturally. No flat iron. No chemicals. No volume. Just sits on my head as straight as a pencil. And i hate it.

Jamaya Finley-Bailey says:

the view number ends in 13 now

Swanky woozworld says:

Same I'm like the Same😂

Good cookies says:

yeah this is fake because white peoples straight is NOT i repeat NOT natural

Yuuko Yamamoto says:

I have a big forehead so I rarely put my hair up

MyChemicalPilotsAt TheFallOutDisco says:

Idk why I'm here. I'm yo ugly for this shit. Anyway ur beautiful

Morgan Johnson says:

Here's the finished look! On to the next

Kaelynn Landry says:

Getting my hair pressed in pretty much less than a week,If you can see in my profile picture I am usually in braids. I have a Hair Tutorial from about 1 year and a half ago(Natural Hair) and my hair has frown so much! I am about to got to school in less than 2 weeks and I'm super siked!!I can't wait to get it pressed..but I will never get a perm! Thx for listening to me ramble!

Sherrese Slone says:

omg, so cute!

all of kaziah says:

There's are some cute styles that gave me ideas that I can try

Relaxed Riri says:

Love these styles!

Genevieve Van says:

Where's my natural straight hair ppl at?

ooBigLexioo o says:

That effect on 6:58. How did you do that??!?!?!

judah e says:

has anyone told you that you look like you can be related to the braxtons family

Shalize Unique x says:

Why'd you grow out your side ;;((((

Lauren Jewel says:

soooo beautiful💓

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