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10 Straight Hair Hairstyles! Hairstyles for back to school, work or for everyday! Easy straight hair looks! You babes have asked for straight hairstyles for SO long! Happy to get this up for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Straightener I Use: http://go.magik.ly/ml/3h8r/
My Top: http://bit.ly/2fBVy8T (use LYSS20 for money off!)
My Lip Color: http://go.magik.ly/ml/6z54/



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Lyss Ryann says:

Hey babes!! So happy you are liking todays video!! 🙂 You all make me so excited to film more styles for you!! 😀 love you! xo

Raeanna McMahan says:

Thanks. When my hair air dries and is boring is when I need hairstyle ideas the most.

Sugar MSP says:

Omg I can't stop watching ur vids UR CHANNEL IS THE BESTA

Ace family FAN says:

Please do a hair care routine video!!! Your hair looks so healthy and beautiful. ps. i love you so much:)

Forkan Tharwat says:

Your makeup is on point!' ly

emma :3 says:

Ich thought the hairstyles look so much better on you because your hair was wavy and mine wasn't. I was wrong. You slay even straight hair. You and your hair just look a lot better than me

Rebecca Lanahan says:

Aw crap. I can't use any of these! I'm a lesbian!

EmilyLoves Puppi3s says:

Who has natural curly hair and when they do these hair styles it looks like a blob of shit in your hair

Sıla Ceylan says:

You are my baby 😍😍

Whoah says:

Omggg thank you so much to do this videooo because I have straight hair and I don’t what kind of hairstyle I can do… sorry for my bad English I’m French XDD +1 French sub Oh btw amazing video and have a great day❤️

Neil says:

Every one of your hairstyles is lovely because that's what you are x

Immy Amelia says:

definitely gonna wear these for school

Jimcy Ibanez says:

Lyss, what's your haircut?

Aki Inokuchi says:

i for some reason didnt receive the notification for this video ;(((

Joyner Raoji says:

I like your all hairstyles ….they are amazing 👍👍

A.X. R.M. says:

Hehehe.My most liked hairstyle was the Carrie Dayton,but I love all the hairstyles you do.Because you pull any hairstyle off and make it always look wonderful.Makeup is everything,but I know your a natural beauty without makeup on too.

A.X. R.M. says:

Hey Dear.ILYSM.Honestly I think that you have one of the most favored eye colors and your gorgeous inside and out.Don’t ever listen to the haters.Pay attention to your fans and subscribers.Because you mean so much to us.

Karen Ayala says:

Thanks so much for posting this I have straight hair and I'm gonna try some of thesenout

Paige Fayy! says:

I love your hair! If you haven't already cause I didn't realise please do a hair care routine! 💖

Zeynep Şahin says:

Can you make your haircare routine a video please?😻

sari taylor says:

Queen of hair. Can you do a what i eat in a day. You have an awesome figure xo

Zahra's Ayub says:

Howw beautiful ❤️

Jacey Iverson says:

Hi! New here to the internet family ☺️😘💗 and I am OBSESSED, Lyss! You are ADORBS 😍💖🎀

Shayla Rusaw says:

You look so good in red!!
Also so blessed, anytime I struggle with hair I always go to these videos, but you always make them look 1,000 times better.

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