10 MESSY BUN hairstyles for BACK TO SCHOOL ❤ Quick and easy hair tutorial

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Welcome to another cute, quick and easy hair tutorial for back to school/college/work/university 2017! In this video I’ll show you step by step how to create “lazy” last minute hairstyles: stylish and trendy messy buns! These heatless hairdos are perfect for those moments when you are running late but still want to look pretty. These super quick and simple looks can be done in 2 to 5 minutes (and without heat!). You can wear these hairstyles everyday to complete your casual glam look or even for special events (when you go out clubbing, for meeting friends, for a party, as a wedding guest, bride, bridesmaid, for prom, homecoming or graduation).


Food Food says:

She just did the same bun over and over

Chunchun Tiwari says:

3rd one is superb….loved it

Nuk3c1tyGaming says:

Would anyone be interested in purchasing Messy bun crocheted hats for their messy buns throughout the winter? I love mine! Go to Facebook.com/hookednchained

Lucy Smith says:

My hair is way too thick for this stuff

seham saleem says:

Long hair buns plsssssss

Полина Малина says:

Как Вы выучили язык так хорошо, и еще и не один!???
Сколько Вам лет ?


Saila Seas says:

I love your channel please do more bun videos without bobby pins or donuts

Saima Khaleel says:

Nieeeccc and thanku

Rohan Rajpoot says:

I like the 1 loop bun nd my fav. spread nd tuck bun…..

Eirian says:

please do a messy bun video for long hair as well! I really love your videos, but I can't do these, because I'm always left with an awkward bit at the end 🙁

1977deepa says:

I loved all the bun styles👌👌👌😘

Nilima Biswakarma says:

sooo cutee I love all the 10 hairstyles 😉

Summerose says:

Snap, my hair is too long for all of these 😐

Kyungsooperior Chanyeolegendary says:

my hair's too long for most of these, unfortunately

Excursia says:

Thanks for the great, gorgeous and easy hair style tutorials <3

Shree Gore says:

I really love it but it difficult to do… 😓

Treasa Joseph says:

when u say 'hairstyles' I hear "Harry Styles"..I Miss 1d soo much…great vid though..ur eyes are so innocent i luv it

Potato ._. says:

This looks surprisingly good with grey hair…

Dariella Espinal says:

I hear Harry Styles when She says hairstyles 😂😂

105 SkyHawk 105 says:

First one that actually makes sense

Hannah Adams says:

I love your spread and tuck bun! It looks so cute with my hair! And I’ve been needing a new bun to try out! And this video is perfect to try out new buns!

Kinleigh Butler says:

i l💗ve y💗uuuuuuu

Kinleigh Butler says:

i l💗ve y💗uuuuuuu

Kinleigh Butler says:

i l💗ve y💗u

Kimberly Patton says:

What a beautiful woman you are! Thanks for the hair ideas to keep my waist length hair out of my face in so many romantic styles.My hair is exactly the same natural color as yours,with a natural slightly darker under root ombre thing going on.But at 57,it's the longest it's ever been and I love it,even sprinkled with the silver now,and most people say they can't really see them with the color they blend in beautifully.Thanks!

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