10 Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair!!!

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Super easy heatless hairstyles! If you want to see any of these in depth with more explanation, let me know and I can try to explain in another video! Like this for another similar video and as always, comment any video requests.
ALL ABOUT MY HAIR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MnB9VzMvR8

honestly i’ve tried counting how many hairstyles are in this video an embarrassing amount of times.. I have no idea if there are 9 or 10 styles…

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DuhitsAlexis xD says:

Ur so pretty ahh they all look so damn gorgeous on u , u beautiful!! I see u going viral one day 🙂

courtney woodward says:

Girl your so mellow 🙂 subbed , your your babe hairs are the same as mine

Karjuva Kissa says:


Kaley 12 says:

Oh my god you're gorgeous!

Molly Hall says:

Never seen number 10!?

Carrie Samonte says:

Wth I tried number 1 and I looked like a cactus… then I just gave up

Prétty Káylá says:

Your eyes😻

jon marie says:

Would you be up for doing a hair care routine? Your hair is lookin so good and healthy!

KK’swirl !!! says:

I can't do any of these cuz I got LAYERS

Londyn1217 says:

my favourite was 1 I love it if wear it all the time

Sinclair Mateus says:

so angelical

Baby Ariel says:

Your hair is long but it's thin sorry to say to offense my hair is very thick and long and EVERYTIME I do these hairstyles they never work on me 😂😭

Siearra Shananaquet says:

What do you use to edit?!?

fayeyong says:

when you have black hair and the design doesnt show at all

fayeyong says:

These girls with their perfect hair. shit im shaving my head

0.Danx.xphil.0 says:

WHY CANT I DO THE SPACE BUNS I hair length like your but I have the hardest time doing them

Ella Lundberg says:

You are so pretty omg I can't and Im in love with your hair

lizzy macke says:

I love you margot I subscribed to your channel, you should do a give away!

Wendy Martínez says:

These type of hairstyles never look good on me ….

Vienna Carter says:

Space buns🤠🤠😋😍😍😍!!!

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