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Thank you all that have been with me since day one! We hit 1 MILLION subscribers here on this channel and it’s so exciting!

Today, I share with you 10 very cute and easy low ponytail hairstyle ideas perfect for short, shoulder-length, medium, and long hair. Let me know which one is your favorite and if you stayed until the very end.

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Thank you so much for spending time with me and watching this video!

Hi, and welcome to my channel! I am a Beauty Addict and love to create how-to beauty tutorials for short hair and hairstyles, Fashion, and some dry humor parodies. I try to make my videos informative, creative and most importantly entertaining.
I love interacting with my viewers. Let’s get to know each other.
Love, Milabu #milabu #milabuhairstyles #10hairstyles


Nikita Bangi says:

She looks perfect in all the hairstyle .😭hw's this possible.

Ana F says:

Congratulations on your million followers! …. question: what is your secret for your hair growing so fast: vodka, biotin…? Please help all of us who don't see a different in years.

nandini kasat says:

You are the best in making hairstyles

Mystic Angel Lps says:

does anyone know if these will look good with curly hair about the same length as hers? i reallyyyy dont want short hair, i never have especially once my hair went curly naturally because i know that it just would NOT look good on me, but my mom is forcing me to cut it shoulder length. (which will look even shorter because of the curls :(((( ) btw i cant straighten it because it is already a bit damaged and my mom wont let me, and as a preteen in middle school when she told me all this its really taken a toll on my self confidence, i have cried for 2 hours (yes ik im a stupid baby…) because everybody says that short curly hair looks ugly, all the girls i know have long, smooth, silky and perfect straight hair and i feel like im just gonna be the odd 1 out… πŸ™ i already hate having long curly hair, i just wish it was straight like it used to be…

mrym bahram says:

Thxxx nice hairstyles😍 XD

Jessica Christine says:

what is your hair color!!?

Rossina Telechea says:

Ok, you definitely look like Christina Aguilera.

Annie Haydon says:

Of cOURse we watch you to the end.. you’re awesome! And cute and funny and talented!
I love the last one, the twist. It’s like an upside down French Roll with a low pony. Love love love! 1M are you sERIOUs, congratulations πŸ‘ Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί loves you!

Jacques Castillo says:

My arms hurt just watching this

samiamisme says:

Congrats…love your video…subscribed. Funny note…my son's name is MalibuπŸ€—πŸ’•

Shelah Selman says:

Wow, you make that look so easy! Me fixing my own hair would be like me fixing my own car, which is to say it would be a disaster. I just have no skills. Ohhhh well. I still enjoyed your video πŸ‘πŸ»

Julie Slone says:

I am still watching!! Love this video

Alejandra H. G. says:

Made it to the end! Thanks!

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