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Did you miss the Tuesday’s hair tutorial? http://youtu.be/bOIXjK_JZnw Watch the latest Frozen Elsa inspired braid here. In today’s hair tutorial, learn how …


MsCerise007 says:

I Love It!!!! Really Cute!!! Can you please tell me the name & brand of the
beautiful nail polish you are wearing?I looked through many comments to see
if someone asked you & didn’t see any. Please answer.

hair4myprincess - hairstyles and braids says:

Gorgeous style!

Wendy Dixon says:

I saw pictures of this on fb that someone else did and it didn’t make much
sense. You explained this so well. I hope I can do it. Thanks Tina. 

MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays says:

New hair tutorial! DIY Starburst Braided Bun. I released another video
earlier this week (Elsa inspired), you can see it here if you missed it –
http://youtu.be/bOIXjK_JZnw Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! MUAH! xo

#hairstyles #braids #braided #braidshairstyles #updohairstyles #braidedbun

Prinzessin Azula says:

hi tina. can you make a tutorial with short bangs? i would like to wear a
braided hairytlye, but my bangs are too short. thx. 

Renata Molina says:

I’ve done this but instead of just a section in the front i leave it all
around the hairline, yours is much more defined though, definately trying
this out in the future! thanks Tina xx

Janie Melgoza says:

Wow you amaze me with How you handle your hair, always beautiful !!! I’m
glad I found you. Thank you for sharing your hair tutorial.

LovelieGirlxxx says:

O_o. It’s gonna take a lot of practice before I can get the braid right – I
can already feel my arms getting tired from the strain =_=”. It’s really
beautiful though and I havent seen anything like it. I absolutely love
braided buns and messy buns. The last messy braided bun tutorial you did is
one of my faves ^^. Also, I’m graduating this year :). Do you think you
could do a hairstyle for my ceremony? Unfortunately, I don’t think I can
wear a bun (DX) because it would get in the way of my graduation cap. But I
don’t know what to do! Please help? Can’t wait for next week’s video! Love
you Tina!

Salina .S says:

you always have the most beautiful and unique hair tutorials. I enjoy
remaking these hair styles myself. I love this! Thanks!!! <3

Ariele Cinta says:

its just awesome… ever seen I’ve joined to your channel, my hair life has
changed and I’m just rocking all these wonderful braided hairstyles every
other day …

Gauri Nagraj says:

Waaaoo tina dis z such a smart one. Bt i really wonder that hw mch ur hands
wud hv ached while practising dis.. Thumbs upp for ur efforts n such a cool
hairstyle.. Love u.. :)

Misty Bates says:

Absolutely beautiful, yet again! Any time I need hair inspiration I ALWAYS
come to you first! You never let me down!!

natalie d says:

Wow how do you even think of these ideas? This one will be tiring on my
arms but will
come out really cuute!

bubblerainn says:

Danggg I have real thick hair and there is soo much hair leftover after i
do a complete round even though i tried picking up larger stramds of hair
too!:( Any tips? I really love this bun though so pretty!! 🙂 

Rosie Sibley says:

I love all your videos but my little sister is now in her 6th year of
school so if American in middle school but she wants to do her own hair for
school but these are too hard plz help 

Avelina Alvarez says:

Can you do a tutorial where you do a French braid to keep your bangs out of
your face but still have the rest of your hair look pretty? 

csanchez123407@gmail.com sanchez says:

I like how you explain things! God bless you! And hope you continue with
this. Your a help to us who struggle with hair.:) 

min chanie says:

You are my inspiration. they call me the braiding queen in cosmetology
school but I am nothing, you are the true queen! I just do as you say
hahaha 🙂 The girls at school love your tutorials and so do I!!! Thank you
so much for such great hair ideas!

glittersoul says:

Your hair toturail is amazing I love u I was wondering which song is this
that you’ve put?

kenza Azam says:

i really like it .so cute . <3

Hoàng Oanh says:

too difficult , i cant do it by myself

anita lama says:

wow verry nice 

Stella Burgess says:

Amazing!! Will give it a try on my daughter for her dance recital this

Sophia Hayes says:

So gorgeous! Could I do this style without sectioning off the front
square?? I.e. just frenchbraiding a ponytail? :)

Farah Hasan says:

hey Tina you’re just amazing i follow your hairstyles alotttt like really u
r the best <3 i was wondering if u could please recreate Lana Del Ray's
RIDE hair tutorial! I Would love u even more for that.. xoxo

neena gupta says:

So hard to do it… It look easy to make,.. Need lots of paretic

Shayla Gray says:

I tried this and my brain exploded within 10 seconds 

Sarah Sallas says:

I love this and can’t wait to try it. You make a lot or beautiful
hairstyles and are easy to do . Thank you 

Snoo zer says:

EEEEE Thank you so much I adore it!!! So easy to do to with your

Shining11stars says:

lovve it so much !

Наталия Динева says:

It seems so hard..

Venus Harris says:

I would wear one. Thanks

kelly N says:

oh, it’s so pretty! but I don’t think I can do that! LOL (゚ロ゚)

Quynn Duong says:

Oh my gosh you make it look so easy!!! My arms get sore and my hair looks
like a big knot

Sarah Hassan says:

Wow genius!

abigail schmid says:

What’s the song

Diana Moreno says:

You explained way better than the version on Pinterest 

Ivona Tomašić says:

wow, i love it 

Brenda Rodriguez says:

Your So Talented !!

Надюша Кожевникова says:


Kelli Ringeisen says:

That is such a cool hairstyle!

Nicolle B says:

I wish I could do it:( I don’t understand the instructions 

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