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Holiday season is here! OMG…

💗Here’s the Easy Everyday Hairstyles video – https://youtu.be/ISMBMDkY_eo .
💗My Recent Favorites video – https://youtu.be/slZtUcR0unA

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In this, step-by-step, 5-minute hairstyle tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to do 3, quick and easy, holiday updo hairstyles on your own hair, for short, long or medium length hair. Actually, these updos are easier to do on medium hair…

These simple and elegant updos are perfect styles for the holiday season (for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties!), but you can also do these hairstyles on yourself for your prom, wedding, homecoming, etc.

💗 More cute and easy hairstyles for long hair or Medium Length hair;

Top 10 Running Late Hacks & Hairstyles for medium hair https://youtu.be/pnXDgNavzjE

Everyday hairstyles for work:

Instagram Hacks & Hairstyles tested https://youtu.be/xqbcTiVIRs0.

3-Minute Elegant SIDE BUN Hairstyle – https://youtu.be/QrENDFht0bA

2-Minute Updo Hairstyle – https://youtu.be/ySB5mOKnTD4

How to curl your hair:
10 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair with a Curling Iron – https://youtu.be/PLUt1Y1a77A

– Lazy Easy Heatless Curls Overnight Tutorial – https://youtu.be/Evu05WFYRyU

– 2-minute Bubble Bun Hairstyle – http://youtu.be/tEHebBXH64c

– My Hair Routine! https://youtu.be/Yx–R6qAXxM

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MakeupWearables Hairstyles says:

Happy beautiful weekend, fam! 😀
What's your favorite season?

Viral Point says:

Winter season

Eszti G. says:

Beautiful! Where did you get that necklace from??


Awesome 😃

Pinky Bohra says:

hey, i like your eye makeup in this video . please share a video for eye makeup..;)

Kimberly Diaz says:

I just wanted to say, you do beautiful work. I have watched many styling videos and I love the way all your styles come out looking so clean and elegant. You have real talent.

Sadia Ayub says:

Hey pretty ur hair color?

mary ann says:

I love your ideas your the first youtuber I ever subscribed to❤

M. M says:

I want the link of the song in the back

HiFi hifi says:

Been watching your videos ever since I can remember ! Love u … love from india

Cinderella Mermaid says:

I tried the 1st hairstyle for a wedding. I felt rily nice.

a s says:

m indian…my hair is sooooosooososooo frizzy, how can i make it lyk urs??

Agnieszka Rozewska says:

wowwwww LOVE IT XO XO

Alicia Una Ryan says:

Love these easy hairdos & absolutely love your hair colour
Greetings from Kathu, South Africa

Ana Hernandez says:

Hi! Love your tutorials, but I have a hard time with the bobby pins. Which do you use?

whataboutredlorry says:

I would like a video of just those cats playing and walking around

Sagun Ale says:

I love you too Tina i love your all hairstyle

lisa gordon says:

how to WRECK your hair —- Backcomb

Juanita Bercy says:

Is it just me or the camrea or is ur hair way silkier and softer now ? Dude thats cool and do tell us ur secret 💟💟💟

Lady Creme Bee says:

Omg! I need you to be my friend in Australia so u can help doing my hair!! So jealous how talented you are!! 🤣🤣🤣 ❤️❤️❤️😘

Shari B says:

I am so creative when it comes to makeup but I can not do anything with my hair… your videos are always giving a lot inspiration to me!!

Mahima Ann says:

Tina your hair looks even more smoother and shinier than ever 😍 and as always you are looking gorgeous 😍

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